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About Advait


“Proven Ancient Indian Health and Healing Techniques for the Price of a Coffee”

Quality information about the ancient healing techniques shouldn’t be expensive. The so-called ‘Yoga-gurus’ & ‘Ayurveda-gurus’ love to charge exorbitant prices; knowing this prevents many average folks from inexpensive self-healing and sound health.

What you need (and what Advait provides) is a variety of detailed techniques — Each proven over ages to help you cure and prevent serious ailments.

Advait writes for everyone who believes in ancient Indian healing systems like Yoga, Mudra Vigyan and Ayurveda.

What separates him from other digital publishers is his ability to explain complex topics in a no-nonsense, no-fluff, straightforward manner. He doesn’t promise the world. But always delivers step-by-step techniques you can immediately implement.

In his spare time, Advait likes to travel, swim, read and talk about himself in the third person.

If you have any queries, drop me a line at