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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Bishop’s Weed

health benefits of bishops weed


Bishop’s weed is a very versatile spice, which is used extensively as an Indian culinary ingredient as well as an indispensible Ayurvedic ingredient.

Various studies have shown that it is a rich source of Thiamine, Calcium, Phosphorous, Riboflavin, Niacin and Iron.

Its regular use as a spice in cooking helps in keeping acidity, indigestion and flatulence in check.

Here are 9 amazing health benefits of Bishop’s Weed and how to use it;


#1 Cures Indigestion:

Bishop’s Weed is extremely effective in curing many types of stomach disorders, especially indigestion.

If you suffer from indigestion, consuming ½ tspn of Bishop’s Weed with 1 cup of warm water, in the morning, on an empty stomach for a week will cure your indigestion.


#2 Arrests formation of Kidney-Stones:

Regular consumption of Bishop’s Weed keep your kidneys healthy and restrict the formation of kidney stones.

It is also effective in preventing urinary tract infections.


#3 Asthma relief:

Bishop’s Weed is very effective in treating various respiratory disorders along with Asthma.

Consuming a mixture of ½ tspn of Bishop’s Weed, with 1 tspn of Jaggery, provides instant relief to people suffering from asthma.


#4 Arrests Excess Bleeding in Women:

Many women suffer from excess bleeding and cramps during their menstruation period. In such cases;

Soak 2 tspn of Bishop’s Weed in 1 cup of water, overnight.

Remove the seeds in the morning by straining it and then consume the water on an empty stomach.

This restricts excess bleeding and cramps.


#5 Pain relief:

Oil obtained from Bishop’s Weed is a very efficient pain killer.

Applying this oil on sore joints and massaging it lightly provides instant pain relief.


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#6 Cures Acidity:

Bishop’s Weed is an absolute Godsend, if you suffer from acidity and heartburn.

Mix 1 tspn Bishop’s Weed with 1 tspn Cumin seeds and ½ tspn of dry Ginger powder,

Consume it in the morning for 1-2 weeks to get rid of acidity.


#7 Curing Oral disorders:

It is very effective in treating toothache and bad breath.

In case of bad breath, chewing a pinch of seeds does the job.

In case of toothache, mix a few drops of Bishop’s Weed Oil with a few drops of Clove Oil and rub this mixture on the tooth.


#8 Curing Migraine:

Bishop’s Weed works like a charm in treating delirium and migraine.

If you suffer from migraine, always keep a small pouch of the seeds with you to sniff whenever you feel the onset of pain. (a small zip-lock bag does the trick)

Alternately, you can also roast a few tspns of seeds in an open pan and inhale the fumes.


#9 Curing Dysentery:

Bishop’s Weed is also very effective in curing dysentery.

Heat 1 ½ tspn of the seeds in 1 glass of water.

Bring it to a boil and maintain the heat for 2-3 minutes.

Then, let it cool down and remove the seeds by passing it through a strainer.

Drink 1 cup of this infusion every 4 hours.


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