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4 Yoga Asanas for Elevating Your Mood and Making You Feel Happy


Change is the name of Life…

Life is a continuous cycle of highs and lows.

There would be days where you feel that everything around you is falling in to order and is working towards making you happy and successful. Then there would be days where you feel that no matter what you do it takes a plunge for the worst, where you feel sad and that your life is a boring, never ending chore.

Not any more!!!

What if I told you that there is a set of Yoga Asanas (exercises), those when performed properly elevate your mood and induce a feeling of serenity and happiness.

Read on…

(make sure that you don’t eat anything 45 min. before and after practicing the asanas)


Yoga Asana #1
Makar Asan/Asana of Crocodile



This Asana is to be done lying down.

Lie on your stomach with your chin placed on the ground/mat.

Your feet should be close together and the nails of your toes should be touching the ground.

Now rest your elbows on the ground and push your torso up and then let your face rest in your palms. (Refer image)

[Makarasan is a relaxation exercise which takes away all the fatigue and helps in calming down your mind and body]


Practice this asana for 7-8 minutes but you can also remain in this Asana till you feel properly relaxed, calm and rested.


Yoga Asana #2
Nauka Asan/Asana of the Boat



Lie on the mat/ground comfortably with both your hands resting on your thighs, palms facing down.

Then, slowly inhaling pull up your head and shoulders above the ground.

Then also raise both your feet, around 1 & a 1/2 foot in the air. (refer image)

(It is as if you are trying to touch your toes with your fingers)

Maintain this position for a few seconds, then slowly exhaling; come back to the original position.



This Asana takes 10-15 seconds to perform and you can repeat it 2 times.


self healing


Yoga Asana #3
Dhruv Asan/Asana of Dhruv Rishi



Stand straight on the mat with your feet together.

Lift your right leg up and pull it up with your hands and place the heel of your right feet on the inner side of your left thigh.

Now, join your hands together palm-to-palm to form the Namaste gesture.

Remain in this position for a few seconds and then return to the normal standing position.

Repeat the Asana with the other leg.

(If you are not be able to balance yourself, so instead of doing the Namaste gesture, you can use your hands to get support from a steady object.)



This Asana takes 12-15 seconds to perform and you can repeat it 2 times.


Yoga Asana #4
Ushtra asan/Asana of Camel




Sit in Vajrasan position.

[Vajrasan –

Stand straight with the waist, back and neck aligned and your feet around an inch apart.

Get down on your knees and fold your legs below your thighs.

Keep your feet spaced with the base of the feet (palms of the feet) facing backwards. (refer image)

Then, place your bums on your heels. This is the ‘vajrasan’ position.]

Then lift your torso up and stand on your knees.

Then while inhaling slowly, bend backwards gently and touch your heels with your hands.

Now, rest the entire weight of your torso on your heels through your hands and stretch out your chest and shoulders.

Maintain the position for a few seconds.

Then, slowly exhaling return to the earlier Vajrasan position.



This Asana takes 10-12 seconds to perform and you can repeat it 2 times.


These Asanas are very effective in calming your mind, de-stressing you and inducing a feeling of peace and happiness.

They have only one downside that you cannot perform them anywhere, anytime.

That’s where the ‘Mudras’ come in…. Mudras are simple hand gestures, which you can perform anywhere, anytime and enjoy the benefits of a complete Yoga exercise.

As a free bonus to this post, I am offering a Mudra guide to elevating your mood.

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